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Various Artists - Found on the Ground Sampler (2013)

Tracklist and free MP3s

  1. Pirate Mid-Life Crisis
    By Pirate Tabernacle Choir
    [ listen | download ]
  2. The Murder Tub
    By Rub-a-dub-dub
  3. Why is Courtney Love Still Alive
    By Kirk Kobain
    [ listen | download ]
  4. Rap Battle Royale with Cheez Whiz
    By The Beat Kids
  5. Take Over
    By Protest-icles
    [ listen | download ]
  6. My Sheets are Tortillas
    By Ex-Bag Lady
  7. M.I.A.
    By Slumdwellaz
    [ listen | download ]
  8. Hipster Jesus
    By Our Quote Unquote Lady of Perpetuity
  9. Dickboobs
    By The Mustard Twins
  10. Quesadilla Diarrhea
    By South of the Border Disaster
    [ listen | download ]
  11. A Turtle
    By A Bard

Thumptruck found this scuffed and gross CD on the street one day. We dusted it off, extracted the music, and are releasing it one song at a time just for you.