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San Juan Experience - San Juan Experience (1997)

Tracklist and free MP3s

  1. Bitch Kitty
    [ listen | download ]
  2. Frijoles
    [ listen | download ]
  3. Little Brown Native
    [ listen | download ]
  4. Vitamin Suppliment
    [ listen | download ]
  5. Bitch Kitty (remix)
    [ listen | download ]
  6. Bitch Kitty (demo 1)
    [ listen | download ]
  7. Bitch Kitty (demo 2)
    [ listen | download ]
  8. Surf Kitty
    By San Juan Experience 2:52
    [ listen | download ]
  9. Dune Dance
    By Andy Robbins, Luke Wallace 3:20
    [ listen | download ]
  10. Diesel and Porn
    By San Juan Experience 1:49
    [ listen | download ]

The San Juan Experience, composed of escaped convicts and at least one Baptist preacher started off as a one-hit wonder - literally. The band had one song that it played off and on for impromtu audiences for several years. That special song was "Bitch Kitty," and several incarnations are represented here as the song evolved throughout the years.

Dismissed by many for their overt simplicity, several new-old SJE tracks recently came into the light when Thumptruck moved its offices from one storage unit to a bigger storage unit. These very early recordings - "Frijoles" and "Vitamen Supplement" show a humorous side of the SJE that they never exposed to the public (as they never played anything but "Bitch Kitty" in concert).

Two more oddities, "Dune Dance" and "Diesel and Porn" probably reflect the discontent in band as it sped towards self-destruction.