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The Ex Apes - Aping Articulation EP (1996)

Tracklist and free MP3s

  1. Hold On
    [ listen | download ]
  2. Andy's Hotdog Song
    [ listen | download ]
  3. Holiest Of Holies
    [ listen | download ]
  4. Ska TV
    [ listen | download ]
  5. I'm Punk Rock 'Cause I Don't Like Sex
    [ listen | download ]
  6. Rock Star Hotel
    By The Ex-Apes 2:02
    [ listen | download ]
  7. Punk Rawk Instrumental
    By The Ex-Apes 2:04
    [ listen | download ]
  8. Satan Wears Sweatpants (Demo)
    By Andy Robbins 2:13
    [ listen | download ]
  9. Porn Story (Demo)
    By Andy Robbins 3:53
    [ listen | download ]

The Ex Apes always were very angry. Mostly because they were such poor musicians but they were also angry about other things. Like sex, drugs and religion. Though never really a "band" so to speak, the Ex Apes gained popularity in the early 1990s when they threw 10000 copies of their first EP out the side of a rented airplane and onto the unsuspecting heads of a football game crowd.

Recorded on a variety of instruments from professional to unfessional, the Ex Apes have enough anger and energy to fuel the entire Thumptruck enterprise.