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Slumdwellaz - The P. Dawg A G. EP (2002)

Tracklist and free MP3s

  1. Durkenkrieg!
    By Doc Watch-Out, Masta Rat 3:05
    [ listen | download ]
  2. Helf Bawls
    By Doc Watch-Out, Masta Rat 3:27
    [ listen | download ]
  3. O.N.A.L.
    By Doc Watch-Out, Masta Rat 3:29
    [ listen | download ]

A rare EP that never reached the hands of the public, The P. Dawg A G. EP was recorded in Seattle at famous Thunder Jim Studios during a brief visit by Doc Watch-Out to the city in 2002. After Watch-Out's stint at the world-reknowned Get Sober, Stay Hard program, he dropped by Masta Rat's cush pad and the two recorded this EP over a weekend with Watch-Out on the mic and Masta Rat taking care of the programming and music.

Watch-Out's recent descent into grief and alcohol is apparent on the brooding opening track, "Durkenkrieg" but his lighter side reappears for the mystic journey that is "Helf Balls." The final track on the EP, "O.N.A.L." (Oppression Now and Latter) finds Watch-Out at his signature laid-back rap ranch, laying down more smooth flows with the same meloncholy that perfuses the P. Dawg A G. EP as a whole.

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