thumptruck records


Thumptruck Records

Thumptruck Records is a unique record label. Instead of having non-consensual sex with our musicians' pockets, we have decided to see how long we can fool ourselves that we actually have bands signed..

In an attempt to do this, we have created this site which features all of our current bands and acts. Please enjoy the hip hoppery antics of the Slumdwellaz, the intensity of Hijackalope, the serious farce that is the Ex-Apes, the actual musicianship of Hon Solo, the anti-smooth techno stylings of San Juan Experience, the non-hardcore rap of Mic'n Merkin, the dreamy, folk music redundancy of the Homegrown Band and the rest of our very special acts.

If you would like to be on our false record label, you can pretend to send us a demo. We will pretend to listen to it and then act as if we've written you an encouraging rejection letter.


Mr. Kin and Masta Rat